PG Bugatti Bike

The Unrivaled Urban Bike

Developed & Manufactured by PG - Limited
to 667 Bikes Worldwide - Designed by Bugatti

PG is building a high-tech bike. Weighing less than five kilogrammes, it is to be the lightest urban bike in the world. Expertise in development and production come from PG, while Bugatti is furnishing the design and name. Production has already begun. A pedelec bike with a supplementary electric drive will also be available.

PG Bugatti Bike

The (R)evolution has begun.

Key Features


less than 5kg, lightest urban bike in the world


The bike is more than 95% made of carbon fiber


Standard model €35,000 plus tax



CFP: Customized Finishing Preferences

Upon request, customers of the supercar builder can have their bicycles matched to their own Bugattis. Special paints, carbon in various colours, numerous types of leather, porcelain and, of course, the Bugatti pearl oval make the Bugatti bike the perfect supplement for the 1,200 PS dream car.

RCF: Reinforced Carbon Frame

All frame cross sections are oversized to ensure maximum rigidity.

VSAB: Vertical Shock Absorption Bar

The handlebars are equipped with shock absorbers to substantially improve comfort.

HTFP: High Tensible Fiber Performance

All carbon parts are manufactured from high-strength fibre.

AAOC: All Aero Optimized Cross Sections

All frame cross sections have been optimised for the aerodynamic demands of high speeds.

P3: Prepeg Performance Process

All carbon components are handcrafted using prepreg materials and methods otherwise found only in motor sport and the aeronautic industry.

MIG: Made in Germany

All parts are manufactured and processed in Germany.

Carbon Components of High-Strength Carbon Fibre

Frame, fork, rims, handlebars, seat and seat frame, crank and pedals



Bike enthusiasts Manuel Ostner and Claus Fischer set up the retro bicycle company „Pimpgarage“ in 2004 and have succeeded in only 4 years in transforming it into a premium brand known for state-of-the-art hybrid custom bikes and exclusive E-Bikes. The mission has always been to strive for perfection. The unparalleled Black Trail, at the time the world’s fastest, lightest and most expensive E-Bike, as well as the acclaimed BlackBlock 1 and 2 were developed and assembled by PG.

The PG Lifestyle has won over many celebrities, amongst others Orlando Bloom, Lady Gaga, Christoph Waltz and Bryan Adams. PG appeals to individualists with an appreciation for a partner who can put their most exclusive requests into reality. The result: unique products for unique people, or simply put the world’s best bikes.


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